Welcome to the About section of ROAD TRIP Spain and Portugal!

About the project

ROAD TRIP Spain and Portugal is a travel resource where the focus is on road trips in the Iberian Peninsula. Here you will find all sorts of information resources related to road tripping.

When we were designing the layout of the website we decided to split the content related to Spain from the content related to Portugal (with a few exceptions). So if it’s Spain you are interested in, you will find texts dealing just with Spain, whereas the same happens if you are keen on a road trip in Portugal.

There are two different pieces of content at the core of the website:

  • on the one hand, travel advice related to road trips in Spain and Portugal. Rules of the road, insurance, visa, parking your vehicle, that type of stuff. We have grouped this content under the ROAD ADVICE menu.
  • on the other hand, the actual road trips we have designed and tested for you. You will find them under the THE TRIPS menu. Right at the onset of the project, the list of trips is small, but this is the part of the website that will grow non-stop in the coming months.

About the authors

This website is all about what we can do for you. For that reason, you will find our texts do not put much emphasis on us but rather on how we can be helpful to you. But granted, in a section called About we should talk about ourselves.

I am Tony and my partner is Cecília. I hold a Spanish passport. Cecília, born in Brazil, holds a Portuguese passport. We have been touring Spain and Portugal non-stop for the last 20 years or so. Before that, I spent 17 years of my life living abroad. Seven years in the United Kingdom and 10 years in Brazil.

Road tripping on the island of Lanzarote.

I have created travel websites for almost two decades. In the beginning, while we were still living in Brazil, it was DE VIAJE A BRASIL and THE BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG, where we shared our trips around the South American giant with the world. Later, all the destinations we were passionate about got a website: DE VIAJE A LA PATAGONIA for the amazing Argentinian Patagonia, GUÍA DE SINGAPUR for one of our favorite countries on earth, Singapore, and DE VIAJE A PRAGA dedicated to our beloved Prague.

We returned to my native Spain twelve years ago. Since then, we have created passaporteBCN, passaporteMADRI and ESPANHA TOTAL, catering for a Portuguese-language audience. While researching new content for our websites, we became more passionate about road trips in the Iberian Peninsula.

Whenever possible, we love to road trip on our very own car.

And one day we decided it was time to share our knowledge with the English-speaking world. And so, ROAD TRIP Spain and Portugal was born. You will find us here, on the website, and on our YouTube channel, too.

You cannot imagine how much we care for this project. We are building it one step at a time. ROAD TRIP Spain and Portugal was born on a difficult moment for travel, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once again, welcome to our website. If you want to drop us a line, we’ll be delighted to hear from you!