Barcelona tapas tour 🇪🇸


Welcome to a very exclusive tapas tour through Barcelona, where we will take you on a delicious and tasty tour to four classic Barcelona bars. The youngest of them all is “just” 50 years old.

You might know “tapas” are an essential part of Spanish culture. The snack-sized bites are part of our daily life and a powerful magnet for tourists. Getting acquainted with the tapas culture should be part of anyone’s experience in Spain.

Follow our tips and avoid the tourist traps found in many corners of Barcelona. Welcome to our tapas tour!

6 thoughts on “Barcelona tapas tour 🇪🇸”

  1. Hello Tony from Australia

    My husband and I are travelling to Spain June/July and wanting to use high speed trains and possibly regional trains.

    Can u recommend the best ticket for us. We we thinking of a Eurail pass as we did want to take high speed to Paris to fly back to Australia but would greatly appreciate your recommendations.

    Have been watching a lot of your UTube channel and finding them most informative in planning our trip to Spain

    • Hello Noela, welcome to the site! This post is about our Barcelona tapas tour. If you would be so kind, leave your question at, for example, this post, and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible. All the best!

  2. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for all the helpful information from your site and videos.
    We are rather petite asian girls and we wonder if we will need to order a drink at every place we go to try tapas, or is it fine that we share one drink at each place?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hello Talisa, be very welcome to the site. Feel absolutely free to order whichever drink you fancy, or none at all. We touch on this specific point on our video on the tapas culture. All the best.


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