Lisbon’s public transport system 🇵🇹


Lisbon’s public transport system includes a variety of options for getting around the city. On the video above you will find the highlights of a system that will help you get places in the Portuguese capital.

The basics of Lisbon’s public transport system are:

  1. Metro: it is the most popular and convenient way to get around Lisbon. It has four lines, covering a large portion of the city.
  2. Autocarros (buses): the bus network is extensive and covers the whole city. There are several types of buses, including regular buses, night buses, and express buses.
  3. Elétricos (trams/streetcars): Lisbon’s iconic trams are mainly used by tourists, but they also serve some local routes. The trams are a fun and scenic way to explore the city, especially on the historic Tram 28.
  4. Ascensores (funiculars): Lisbon has three funiculars, which are like cable cars that run up steep hills. They are a unique and enjoyable way to get around the city.
  5. Comboios (trains): There are also suburban trains that connect Lisbon to nearby towns and cities, such as Cascais and Sintra.
  6. Barcos (ferries): Lisbon has a ferry service that runs across the Tagus River. It’s a lovely way to enjoy the view of the city from the water.

To use public transport in Lisbon, you will need to purchase a rechargeable card called “Viva Viagem”. The same card can be used on all types of transport, and fares are based on zones and distance travelled.

If you have any questions for us on how to get around Lisbon, do make use of the commentary box below, we’ll be delighted to help.

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  2. Hola Tony can you tell me how to get to the intercontinental hotel in Lisbon from the airport by metro !! Gracias!! Sam villa

    • Hi Sam, take the airport metro to Saldanha and there change to the yellow line traveling to Marqués de Pombal, from where you will walk 10 minutes to your hotel.

  3. I watched your video on Lisbon transit and it was extremely helpful. Thank you!!! I have one question. If I buy the 6.45 Euro 24 hr pass does it allow me to use the funiculars/ascensors as well as the bus, trams, metro? And it appears that this pass does not include the boats. So if I wanted to do a boat ride during that 24 hrs how would I do that since the viva viagem card only allows one type of pass at a time?

    • Hi Karen, with the 24 hours pass you can use funiculars and lifts, yes, that is clearly explained in the video we recorded. The boat is not included in the basic 24 hour pass. There’s a more expensive 24 ticket than includes one of the boat lines, but it’s not worth it, in our opinion. Also, if you have a 24 hour pass, we don’t see any point in paying for other transports during the period the pass is valid for. That is, do the boat trip on a different date. Otherwise, you will have to buy your boat ticket from the ticket office at the boat terminal.

  4. I am enjoying your videos & they will be very helpful when I visit Lisbon, Porto, & Barcelona.

    Question on the Viva Viagem card – not sure if I should get the green or white one. What does Metro Transportes do Sul mean?

    I may need to use the Urbana train outside of Lisbon – Vila Nova Rainha to Azambuja to VN Rainha. Will the Viva Viagem card cover this? Green or white card?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Lynne. There is no green or white card, there is just the one card and you don’t get to choose it, it’s whatever comes out of the machine. They work all the same. You might get a card called “Navegante” which works in exactly the same way. “Metro transportes do sul” is a transport system outside the city of Lisbon. With zapping credit on the card, you can pay for your train rides near Lisbon. Not sure you can reach Azambuja, ask at a tourist office for clarification.

  5. Hi Tony
    Thank you for your very informative videos on Youtube. As I am going to visit Lisbon in the near future. Can you tell me how I can get from the Lisbon International Airport to Hotel Mundial at Praca Martin Moniz 2 by Metro. Thank you.

    • Hi, take the airport metro line to ALAMEDA where you will change to the green line, direction CAIS DO SODRÉ, and travel to MARTIM MONIZ, near your hotel.

  6. Ola Tony,
    I enjoyed watching your transportation videos! They are very informative and helped me with getting train ticket from Lisbon to Porto. How can I get to Hotel Brown Central from LIS airport by metro?

    • Olá Jessica! The location of your hotel is awesome. Take the airport metro to ALAMEDA, where you will change to line GREEN, direction CAIS DO SODRÉ. Get off at BAIXA-CHIADO, very close to your hotel. All the best!


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