Road trip 04: Pueblos Blancos 🇪🇸


The Pueblos Blancos, the White Towns of Cádiz, are one of the reasons people head to Andaluzia. The houses were painted white in an attempt to keep away the unbearable heat felt on the region during the summer season.

Our road trip number 4 is all about gorgeous villages, right from the start at Vejer de la Frontera and Arcos de la Frontera, with their houses defying gravity on the edge of an abyss. GrazalemaZahara de la SierraOlvera and Setenil de las Bodegas all vie with each other to enchant visitors with their charms. Although not a proper White Town, the trip ends in style in beautiful Ronda.

On day one, we depart from Seville and reach beautiful Vejer de la Frontera. After lunch, we are on the road again to Arcos de la Frontera, where we will spend the night.

A day full of magic ahead of us. Leaving Arcos de la Frontera, we make a stop at El Bosque to visit the interpretation center for the region and also to get acquainted with the wonderful goat cheeses produced locally. After that, we spend lunch time in Grazalema. The most dramatic drive of the route will take us to Olvera and then to Zahara de la Sierra, where we will spend the night.

Finally, on three we visit an impressive Roman settlement, walk through amazing Setenil de las Bodegas and end the drive in style with a night in Ronda.


Province of Cádiz, on the southern half of Spain.

Number of days


Good for

Landscapes, picturesque villages, great food.


All year round. If possible, avoid the summer heat.


192 km

(119 mi)

Where to sleep

Arcos de la Frontera, Zahara de la Sierra, Ronda.


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    • Hi, didn’t quite understand your question. The information is on the text above and on the three videos linked there too.

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thanks once again for your awesome videos and energetic presentation. Big fan and I’ve now watched almost all your videos and read all the info on your website! My wife will be coming from Australia and will be following your road trip routes for Pueblos Blancos and Aragon in September 2023 for one month. Will also go to heaps of other places you have done videos on. We might even try to make it to Zaragoza!

    Just one important thing. What is the best way to give donations for your hard work? I have given some superthanks on Youtube but by the time my goverment takes the 10% GST then Youtube their 30% I’m sure you don’t see much of it. Are you able to take them via paypal or some other source? No problem either way, I just thought I’d ask prior as I can see countless hours of hard effort in putting these together.

    Thank you. You have made our trip planning soo much easier!

    • Hello Nathan! For us the biggest reward are the kind of words you wrote for us. We are thinking of setting up a way of receiving donations from our viewers – probably through a voluntary subscription plan, but so far we only have the Superthanks option enabled (yes, we only get a fraction of what is given to us). All the information we provide is for free and we are happy to do so. Big rewards to Australia. Hope we will meet in the soccer World Cup final 🇦🇺🇪🇸!

  2. Hi Tony,
    We love your channel ! We are planning a trip to Andalusia in October and have watched many of your informative videos including the ones on driving in Spain, thanks much for all your guidance.
    I had a few questions for you, Is it easy to visit some of the Pueblos Blancos mentioned here using public transport from Granada ? especially Setenil and Olvera. Our itinerary – we arrive in Seville, then Cordoba, then Granada. We hope to spend a couple of nights in a White village before returning to Seville. I am aware of BlaBla car, do you think this would be a reliable way to visit Olvera from Granada ? Lastly, if we hire a car at Granada for a couple of days and drop it off in Seville – the rentals are quite high. In that case I would rather take the car for the whole journey through Andalusia. What do you think ?
    Please advise and Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hello Sameer, the Pueblos Blancos can be visited using public transportation, but bear in mind:
      a) you would need three times as much time, as the schedules are very limited.
      b) public transport won’t take you to some of the most beautiful places along the route.
      Bla bla car is used for people wanting to go from A to B, not usually for people wanting to do tourism. I have seen you are an excellent photographer (you take beautiful photos) and I’m quite sure you’ll want to stop an contemplate the landscape at will. If you take a bus, that is out of the question, and roughly the same on a Bla Bla car. Rent a car the moment you leave Seville (it won’t be of any use in Seville) and return it the moment you arrive to Granada.
      All the best.

  3. Hi Tony,

    We love your channels. Thanks for the info you offered. We will be traveling to Southern Spain in mid-October, including a road trip for White Villages from Malaga to Seville with a rental car after visiting Cordoba and Granada. Question, is the drive challenging from Arcos de la Frontera to El Bosque to Grazalema? From your day-2 video, the road seems very narrow, is it 2-way?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Ing. The drive is scenic rather than challenging. The roads are good and you will even see minibuses driving through them. They are all 2 way roads. All the best.

  4. Hi Tony, I’m planning a trip in April to Spain for 2 weeks and stumbled onto your wonderful youtube channel. I’m arriving in Madrid on a Saturday and departing from Barcelona the following Saturday. I play to stay in Madrid for 3-4 days, a week in Andalusia, and ending it with 3-4days in Barcelona. During my week in Andalusia, I plan to visit Seville-Cordoba-some countryside like Ronda-Granada. I have some questions.
    1) How does the plan look to you ? How would you do it if its not appropriate.
    2) would it be better to do day trips from Seville to Ronda, Cordoba, Granada by doing day tours ? Or would it be better to do it with a car.
    3) From Granada, I will need to get to Barcelona for the next leg. There isn’t a direct train to Barcelona, would it be better to rent a car and drive up to Barcelona staying somewhere near Valencia for the night ?

    • Hi Marc, welcome to the site!
      1) few days for Madrid and Barcelona, the visit to both cities will feel rushed. In a week in Andalusia, we would stick to Córdoba, Seville and Granada, no time for more.
      2) Granada cannot be contemplated as a day trip, we recommend a minimum of three days in the city. Córdoba can, but we encourage people to sleep at least the one night in the city.
      3) there is a direct train to Barcelona indeed. Do not rent a car unless you plan to do a road trip along the way with many stops. We recommend a minimum of three nights for Valencia.
      All the best.


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