Understanding the tapas tradition in Spain 🇪🇸


Tapas are such a fundamental part of the Spanish way of life that we felt it necessary to properly contextualize what they are and what they mean.

Clarification is needed because we feel tapas have been widely misrepresented above through the “tapas bar” culture.

Watch the video to become a master of sorts in the tapas culture. We explain what the essential elements of tapas are, in a difficult attempt to define tapas precisely; and we also point out a series of tips to make the most of the tapas culture on your next trip to Spain.

To help you discover the best Barcelona has to offer, we designed, tested and recorded a video on a tapas tour through the La Barceloneta and the Barrio Gótico neighborhoods in Barcelona.

We also went through the historic centre of Madrid in search for best the tapas bars. Check the tour for a selection of classic establishments where you will be able to try very traditional tapas.

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