The high-speed train in Spain, explained


Road tripping through Spain and Portugal is our passion, but we are no stranger to trips on the high-speed train. We’ve been onboard the AVE trains (that’s the generic term for high-speed trains in Spain) more than 200 hundred times, fascinated by the sight of the Spanish landscapes going through the window at more than 300 km per hour.

So, in case you need to take a high-speed train as part of your trip to Spain, we want to share with you lots of tips and information on a very convenient means of transportation in the country.

The video we have recorded is divided in six big sections. 

  • we discuss the company operating the trains and the types of high-speed trains in Spain – there’s more than one!
  • we describe what the main high-speed lines are and where they take you, and we have a quick look at the main stations.
  • we analyze the different classes onboard the trains.
  • it is always essential to know what is the baggage allowance onboard the trains.
  • finally, we describe in what a bit of detail what is a trip like on the high-speed train.
high speed train in Spain
Travelling at high-speed throughout Spain.

We hope you found the information useful. It won’t be the last time we talk about trains here on the site, as there as some great news about to happen.

Not one, but two train operators, will offer low-cost high speed train travel shortly. 

The first operator is RENFE, and its low-cost service is known as AVLO. It will initially run on the line between Madrid and Barcelona.

The second operator is French SCNF, and its low-cost service uses the brand OUIGO (as in France). It will also run on the line between Madrid and Barcelona.

We have tickets to test both services and as soon as we have completed the experience we will share it with you.

Travelling at high speed is great. Doing so at an affordable price, even better!

If you have any questions about the high speed train in Spain, use the commentary box below, we’ll be delighted to help. 


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