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In a country of superlative cities it is hard to imagine a Spanish city more incredible, more beautiful, better preserved and full of surprises than our destination today. Join us on our trip where we show you what to see in Toledo, a world heritage city and one of our great Spanish passions.

What to see in Toledo, the outstanding Spanish destination

The Alcázar, the Cathedral, the Cuevas de Hércules, the Jesuit Church, the Church of San Román, the Church of Santo Tomé, the Church of the Saviour, the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes, the Santa Maria la Blanca synagogue or the Transito synagogue are just a few of the must-see places in Toledo, witness to the rich history of the former capital of Spain.

The Pulsera Turística, Toledo’s tourist wristband

The pulsera turística is an excellent combined ticket that allows you to save money in the city. You buy the wristband, wear it on your wrist and with it you can enter seven of the cities monuments that we have already shown you in the video. They are the Church of the Jesuits, the Church of Santo Tomé, the Church of El Salvador, the San Juan de los Reyes Monastery, the mosque of the Cristo de la Luz, the Royal College of Noble Maidens and the synagogue of Santa Maria la Blanca.

From the first use of the wristband, and as long as you don’t take it off, it will be valid for seven days, allowing you to make a single visit to each of the monuments during that period of time. You can buy the wristband at the ticket offices of any of the monuments, or at the Civitatis website following this link.

How much time in Toledo?

We’ve seen the attractions, now it’s time to talk about how much time to spend in Toledo. There are two indisputable facts.

The first is that most people think of Toledo as a day trip from Madrid, and the second is that there are many many many fascinating places to visit in Toledo. And, of course, too many places and too little time is a complicated combination.

Ideally, you would dedicate one day, one night and at least part of the next day to Toledo. That way you could explore Toledo at your leisure, discovering countless little corners that those who take a day trip don’t get to see. Planning your visits without rushing, with time to enjoy yourself and also to take a break without that “I wish I had had spent more time in the city” feeling. For those staying overnight in Toledo the big advantage comes at the end of the day. As well as being able to watch the sunset from the viewpoints, as we mentioned earlier in the video, when evening falls most tourists return to Madrid and the city becomes a haven of tranquility, reserving for those who have decided to stay overnight the privilege of contemplating the city’s beautiful monumental illumination.

Hey, Tony, hold on a second, does all this mean we are condemning the same day round trip that most people do? No, not necessarily. We maintain our preference for an overnight visit but if you can only do Toledo as a day trip, it can work as long as you take these three steps:

  1. The first is to try to arrive in Toledo at around 9:30 in the morning so that you can start your visit at that time. The main monuments open their doors at 10 a.m.. Book your return for the end of the day, from 8:00 p.m. onwards.
  2. The second step is to be aware that you will not be able to visit all the places we have shown you and you will have to make a selection of the places of interest you are going to visit.
  3. And the third step is to make sure you don’t arrive in Toledo without having an idea of the route you are going to follow. Toledo is a city with so many narrow streets that it is not always easy to find your way around. If you leave it until the last minute to organize your visit you are likely to waste valuable time that you don’t have.

Toledo in one day – walking tour

And here’s where we come to the rescue with our Toledo in one day, a self-guided walking tour we have created to help you optimize your time in the city. It is an electronic guide you can carry on your mobile/smartphone. Along with an online map, the guide contains a full day walking tour that covers 19 sights in the extraordinary Toledo. No need to rock your brains on how to visit Toledo, we’ve done that work for you.

Our Toledo in one day walking tour is a comprehensive walking tour delivering crystal-clear instructions that immerse you in the heart of the city, making you feel like a true Toledano. Deciding what to visit is not an insurmountable task. Planning the order in which to visit those places is something quite different, as it requires a deep knowledge of the city.

After years helping travelers who come to Toledo, we feel one of the main mistakes made by many is to follow unrealistic routes, that do not optimize their time in the city and miss out on incredible places. Our guide is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to find out what to see in Toledo and how to do it in just the one day.

A full-day walking tour that covers one of the most outstanding destinations in Spain, Toledo, with delicious and traditional food stops along the way. Uncovering the wonderful Toledo has never been so easy! 

Check all the details of Toledo in one day here!

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