What to see in Zaragoza 🇪🇸


Founded by the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, Zaragoza was occupied for centuries by the Arabs, who left a rich historical and artistic legacy. Today Zaragoza is a modern city that preserves a historic centre full of centuries-old buildings, charming little squares, narrow streets and lots of life and animation. Welcome to our presentation of what to see in Zaragoza!

What to see in Zaragoza, the underrated destination

If there is one city that goes unnoticed by visitors to Spain, it is Zaragoza, the Spanish underrated destination.  A situation we want to change with this video. Located in central-eastern Spain, Zaragoza has a strategic location, offering a perfect stopover on any journey between Barcelona and Madrid. All the high-speed train companies that connect Barcelona with Madrid have services that stop halfway in Zaragoza. It’s very easy to get there. 

Where to stay in Zaragoza

Any accommodation in or near the historic centre of Zaragoza, the Casco Viejo, will be perfect for anyone visiting the city. On the video above you will find our tips on where to search for accommodation in Zaragoza and also a handful of recommendations, from basic to luxury hotels.

What to eat and where to eat in Zaragoza

In the video we embark on a thorough exploration of the best meals and bars in Zaragoza, focusing on classic tapas that offer the most authentic experience we zaragozanos love.

Zaragoza in one day – walking tour

Our Zaragoza in one day walking tour is a comprehensive walking tour crafted by a Zaragoza born and bred expert, delivering crystal-clear instructions that immerse you in the heart of the city, making you feel like a true Zaragozano. Deciding what to visit is not an insurmountable task. Planning the order in which to visit those places is something quite different, as it requires a deep knowledge of the city.

After years helping travelers who come to Zaragoza, we feel one of the main mistakes made by many is to follow unrealistic routes, that do not optimize their time in the city and miss out on incredible places. Our guide is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to find out what to see in Zaragoza and how to do it in just the one day.

what to see in zaragoza

A full-day walking tour that covers one of the most underrated destinations in Spain and a city with more than 2,000 years of history, Zaragoza, with delicious and traditional food stops along the way. Uncovering the wonderful Zaragoza has never been so easy! 

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  1. Hola Tony and Cecilia,

    We have been watching your videos for some time now, and they have helped us immensely in the planning of our trips to Spain.

    We will be in Zaragoza in April and would love to invite you as our guests for lunch one day while we are there. If you are available, we’ll be there April 30th and May 1st. I (Carol) was there last year and really enjoyed La Taranesca. Would you let me know if you are interested in that idea?

    • Hola Carol! Good to hear we’ve been of help. We do appreciate immensely your invitation, but on 2 May we are leaving for a two-week trip away from home, and on the previous days we’ll need to concentrate 100% on work (we don’t live in the centre of Zaragoza). We would love to meet you but unfortunately this time it won’t be possible. All the very best to you.


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