Where to stay in Lisbon 🇵🇹


If you are planning a trip to the Portuguese capital one of the first questions you will need an answer for are: where to stay in Lisbon? Are all regions equal? Can I have a some basic hotel recommendations?

Keep reading, we are here to help!

The best areas to stay in Lisbon

There are many neighborhoods in Lisbon where is absolutely ok to look for accommodation. Each with its own personality and history. On the video below you will find an analysis of what we consider to be the first neighborhoods to stay in Lisbon for a first-time visitor to the city.

The video also contains a word of warning about two specific neighborhoods, Belém and the Parque das Nações. They are wonderful and you should definitely visit them during your stay in Lisbon, but they are far removed from the centre of the city and we would not recommend you to look for accommodation in either of them.

30 Hotel recommendations in Lisbon

Going beyond the best areas to stay, we have selected 30 hotels recommendations we have decided to group in three basic categories:

  • 10 basic hotels
  • 10 mid-range hotels
  • 10 luxury hotels

We have selected hotels with excellent locations and very positive reviews from guests who have stayed at them before. And, obviously, we have also incorporated our very own experience after many visits to Lisbon.

We hope the list will serve as a starting point for your accommodation research. But if you have any doubts, make sure you drop us a line so we can help you with the task of finding the best place to stay in Lisbon.


If you are visiting Lisbon you need to check our text where we present the most important sights in the city. Essential reading to make sure you visit all those wonderful places the Portuguese capital has in store for you.

4 thoughts on “Where to stay in Lisbon 🇵🇹”

  1. Thank your wonderful informative videos. i am most concerned and confused by the various transit cards. I live in New York City and my options vary but it’s on only one card. In other words I can get a day card, a monthly unlimited card, a value based card that you can use any way until that value is depleted. It is extremely easy. Do you have a monthly card that can be used any way one wants for all your transit systems? Can the Liboa Card be bought anywhere or do I have to pay for a voucher that I will then trade at the airport

  2. Hi Tony-We love your videos and visited Lisbon in Fall 2022. We plan on returning this April, but this time my wife and I will bring our special needs son who is in his 20s. He is very high functioning, but we are looking for a mid to luxury place that has a room to accommodate us as opposed to getting two rooms. Last time we stayed in Avenida Libertad.

    • Hi Dan, we haven’t done that specific search you’re looking for, but if you follow the links we placed under the video in YouTube, you can do your very own searches for the date of your trip. All the best.


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